District IX Blue Star Memorial Markers

The Blue Star Memorial Marker Program was adopted in 1945 by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (formerly National Council Of State Garden Clubs, Inc.), to honor the men and women of the Armed Forces of WWII.  This program was the first nation-wide beautification program initiated by National Garden Clubs. Highways were dedicated as Blue Star Memorial Highways, with a marker surrounded by gardens along thousands of miles throughout our country.

The Blue Star program was later expanded to pay tribute to "All who have served, are serving and will serve" and memorial signs may be placed at veterans facilities, national cemeteries, parks, and many other civic locations.

Detailed information on our Blue Star Memorials Project

Replace/Refurbish a Blue Star Memorial Marker

FFGC & District IX were present for the re-dedication of the Davenport's Blue Star Marker.

From left to right:
Bill Williams,
Harriet Rust,Davenport Historical Society,
Evie Loye Statelar
Arlene Rand, FFGC President
Libby Curnow, District IX Chairman
Rosita Aristoff, FFGC Chairman

Date Dedicated
Sponsoring Club
Arcadia, US 17 North  - [in front of State Police building]                     
Apr. 22, 1977 Arcadia Garden Club
Avon Park, US 17 & Rt. 64, median - *Rededicated on Nov. 11, 1992 - [Moved to N. side of intersection  Dec. 2009]
Mar. 23, 1965
Founders G.C. of Avon Park
Bartow, US 98            
Jun.   1, 1971
 Bartow Garden Club
Bartow, US 98 South - [opposite Wal Mart entrance] Apr. 28, 1977
Bartow Garden Club
Bartow, US 17 South                                                              
Nov. 11, 1993 Driftwood Circle, Bartow G.C
Davenport, US 17 & 92                                  
May   5, 1968
Nov. 11, 2016
Davenport G C & Davenport  Historical Society
Fort Myers, Paige Field
May 4, 2014
Fort Myers/Lee County Garden Council
Fort Meyers, US 41 S.     *missing"
Oct 16, 1964
Periwinkle Garden Club
Lake Wales, US 98
Not Dedicated 
Garden Club of Lake Wales
Lake Placid, US 27 North -  [in front of American Legion Post 25]
May 6, 1992
Lake Placid Garden Club
Lakeland, US 92  
June 10, 1964 Garden Club of Lakeland
Lakeland II                   where????                                   
Nov 8, 2001
The Garden Club of Lakeland
Lakeland  US 92         
Mar 31, 2002
The Garden Club of Lakeland
Lakeland Interlaken Park - Memorial Blvd March 31, 2002
The Garden Club of Lakeland
N. Ft. Meyers, US 41   *missing"
May 31, 2002
Edison Garden Club
Naples, US 41   
Nov 12, 1968
Naples Garden Club
Punta Gorda, US 41 - [at Carmelita St. center of town] - *Rededicated February 1996]
May 13, 1968
Punta Gorda Garden Club
Sebring, US 27 South [ front of CVS]
May 10, 1968
The Garden Club of Sebring, Inc.
Winter Haven, US 17 & Ave. T at 8th St. -  [corner of Ave. T & 8th St., just south of Haverdale Blvd. in Inman Park]  - *Moved & rededicated on Nov. 11, 1992   *Refurbished Feb., 2010
May 18, 1964
Winter Haven Council

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